Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer fun

We've had a fantastic summer, and I can't believe it is winding down. Last week, Katherine started preschool, two mornings a week, so we're pretty much in autumn mode. We're already nostalgic about the fun times we've had this summer.

Katherine turned 2 on July 5th, and celebrated like every two-year old would want...a day of new toys, balloons, and cake. And some attention too. Katherine had two sets of grandparents in town to celebrate, and we all enjoyed great meals together and a trip to the blueberry farm down the street. Katherine never was able to keep any of the blueberries in her own bucket...they all were gobbled up instantly.

Katherine's cake-eating technique is consistent.

Our big family vacation was in Stone Harbor, NJ. It's been a few years since we've been to the Jersey shore, so it was especially great to have my huge extended family meet Katherine for the first time. She had a great time, and loved that ice cream was a nearly nightly treat.

Katherine and Daddy getting a kick out the monkeys at the (free!) Cape May Zoo...highly recommended!

Chocolate chip pancakes at the famous Uncle Bill's.

Family photo op at the beach pavilion where John and I tied the knot almost 7 years ago.

On the drive back home, we stopped at the National Zoo to feed Katherine's elephant obsession.

Katherine likes to line up her car collection in a very specific way.
Pants - NO!
Galoshes - YES!!

First day of preschool, with lunchbox in hand!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spring fever!

Spring has sprung right into summer, hasn't it?! Although we had to battle strep throat for a SECOND time in our house, we've had a great few weeks. We've made our own clay (messy), made Rice Krispy treats (tasty throughout the whole process, says Katherine), attended the local Strawberry Festival, and even coined the name "Bubbowww" for Uncle Brian. Brian and Katherine had fun blowing tons of bubbles together, and somehow she got "bubbles" and "Brian" mixed up...how freaking cute is that?!

Strep throat, part 2

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Strep throat PSA

Right now, Katherine is healthy and running around like a toddler should be doing. This was not the case for several days earlier this month, and this is my official PSA. Out of nowhere, Katherine got really sick (tops and tails). Her doctor's office assured me that there was a nasty stomach bug going around, so we should just wait it out. After 5 terrible days, Katherine's doctor found that Katherine had strep throat. It's not terribly common in tiny kids like Katherine, and it's not diagnosed early on because babies don't tell you that their throat hurts. Parents see that something is wrong when baby has spewing issues. Between an unrelated cold, then strep, and then the not-so-pleasant side effects of the antibiotics, we all camped out in the house for about 2 weeks straight (that's K and W camping out on a big blanket up top). Thankfully, we're back to normal/crazy!

We're so lucky that a bout of strep throat has been our major illness with Katherine so far. Still, I've learned several things:
-Strep throat looks like a stomach bug when your tiny kid can't talk yet (and we're way behind on this front).
-Even little kids realize that Shrek 3 sucks (and the original Shrek is best)
-Toy Story 3 is still good after the 50th viewing
-Cleaning vomit out of a car seat's many crevices and buckles takes a strong gag reflex, time, and several good scrub brushes (Where were you on that information, Baby 411?!)

Monday, April 11, 2011


'Did I eat the clay outside? Why do you ask?"

"Did I taste the finger paint? No, Mommy, that must have been somebody else."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun fun fun!

Since last week, Katherine has been suffering from terrible symptoms due to strep throat and some nasty side effects of the antibiotics. So, I am happily posting a video of various fun moments from the last month. Katherine loves "cooking" with me, which means that while I cook dinner she has a bowl of ice cubes to stir/eat/splash around. And of course, she still loves dancing and tormenting poor Winston.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Uncle Brian and Aunt Heather visit

One of the highlights this year has been an awesome visit with Uncle Brian and Aunt Heather. We didn't get to see them over Christmas, so I was beyond excited to see them. Brian and Katherine became best buds...she would clutch onto Brian like there was no tomorrow. When I dropped Brian and Heather off at the airport, Katherine screamed loudly enough for eeeevvveryone at the airport to hear. And she kept screaming...after they went inside, they could still hear her. Katherine, I felt the same way...I miss them already!


Botanical Garden of Georgia

Clutching onto Uncle Brian and her stick

All dolled up for a night on the town in downtown Athens

Sharing some apples with Aunt Heather

Brian, Katherine, and Erin learnin' accounting from Dr. Campbell in his classroom (yup, Erin is still a brown-noser)

Lovely ladies in front of the UGA arches

Ish ish

My last post was about....Thanksgiving. Whoooops!

This winter, we actually got quite a bit of snow here in Athens. One storm was bad enough to cancel school for the entire week. There was over an inch of ice sitting on top of several inches of snow, and I felt bad for (laughing at) Winston. He would go outside and skate on top of the ice...not sure how to get around the yard.

John is busy busy teaching this semester, and he's had a great time with it. His students are great, which always makes it fun. Katherine has been busy running around, dancing, growing crazy curly hair, drumming, and attempting to talk. She says only a few words (although inconsistently), but she is sure able to communicate with plenty of points and "Ish ish," which seems to be her catch phrase. And, that catch phrase has caught on...Brian greets me on the phone these days with an "Ish ish."

Enough ish, ish....time for some pictures, in order of increasing curls (okay, it's chronological).

playing piano at Grandma Johnnie's house

First time playing in the snow...not a fan!

What kid doesn't like stickers?!

Katherine was suffering through her first ear infection in this picture, but she still perched on her chair like a little lady.